Rotax Engines for Sale

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We can now supply a variety of Rotax 348/504/604 engines on an exchange or outright purchase basis!

Rotax Engines for SaleThe exchange engines will have been totally stripped, cleaned and re-powder coated, with any worn parts replaced. These come with a three month warranty.

The cost of these engines requires part-exchanging your existing engine, and will of course require your old engine to be in a state in which it is able to be re-conditioned. 

In addition to this, for those who wish to keep their bike matched to its original engine, we can offer a reconditioning service to your specific engine. (This would be a 6-8 week turnaround time)

The nominal cost of this will be inline with the exchange engines, but this could vary depending on examination of your engine, if for example certain major items (engine, bore, little-end etc) require replacement.

We also have engines for sale on an outright purchase basis, as listed below, and we can offer a part exchange on your old engine against one of these, if you are looking to install a different size engine into your MT.

Please contact us for specific part exchange values against the engines listed as outright purchase items.

Available on Exchange Basis

  • 348E Engine (S/N: 238562) Reconditioned and Powder Coated - £1250 Exchange
  • 348E Engine (S/N: 238372) Reconditioned and Powder Coated - £1250 Exchange
  • 504K/S Engine (S/N: 193140) Reconditioned and Powder Coated - £1250 Exchange
  • 504K/S Engine (S/N: 167596) Reconditioned and Powder Coated - £1250 Exchange

Available for Outright Purchase

  • 504E Engine (S/N: 355030) Brand New Old Stock Engine - £2750
  • 604E Engine (S/N: 640724) 8,000 kms Engine - £2500
  • 604E Engine (S/N: 920025) 8,000 kms Engine - £2500
  • 604E Engine (S/N: 920345) 2,000 kms - Mint Condition - £2950
  • 640E Engine (S/N: 640873) 900 kms - CCM Factory 640 - £3250

Shipping of these engines is a possibility, although this will have to be discussed with us prior to purchase.

Please click here if you would like to contact us.

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