EU Orders - June Update

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Updated 25th June

Important Notice to our European Customers

Please note that from July 1st the processing of our parts shipments to Europe is required by EU law to change.

From this date, parts shipments to Europe will be treated one of two ways, depending on the value of the order:

1. Orders exceeding the value of €150.00 - There will be no change to the current system which has been in place since January 1st 2021. This means that these orders will be sold by us excluding VAT (NO UK VAT to be added), and you as the customer and recipient of the goods, will be obliged to pay the VAT at the specific rate for your country, plus any import duty and customs handling fee.

2. Orders under the value of €150.00 – These orders will fall into the  “Import one stop shop” scheme (IOSS). This means that you will be charged VAT at the rate applicable in your country by us at the point of the sales transaction. This VAT amount will be paid by us to your specific country’s Government in our normal VAT tax return. There will be no more VAT for you to pay on importation, however you will still of course be liable for import duty if applicable, and any customs handling fee.

We hope to configure this accordingly on our website as soon as possible, and apologise in advance for any difficulties that arise. 

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