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MT500 Restoration Project

We are currently working on an MT500 restoration project and thought we'd share an interesting story from this particular bike (54KE27)'s history.

In June 87, two new MT500s were sent from the MoD UK vehicle storage depot to JSU Cyprus.

Someone had the bright idea of removing all fluids, including fuel and importantly, oil!

On arrival at Cyprus the decision was made to put fuel in and ride the bikes from the ship to the depot.

But the message about the oil had not reached the rider.

As a result of this, both bikes ran for a few kms, then seized.

We bought the two bikes and shipped them back in 1993, they came with new engines supplied but only loosely slotted into the bikes.

The MT we are currently working on is one of those two bikes. 

You can see the cycle parts are in amazingly preserved condition, and after 28 years of storage, there is only very minimal deterioration on the painted surfaces.

Check out the inside of the tank, and condition of the back wheel!

MT500 Restoration Project
MT500 Restoration Project

MT500 Restoration Project

The bike is being rebuilt and checked over with missing parts replaced with new and will be for sale in the future, so watch this space!

It’s a very special bike with pretty much all of its original paint, due to a very kind climate.

It really is one for the connoisseur, we will be posting pictures of its recommissioning in progress soon on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned!

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