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We are pleased to announce two new service exchange opportunities to help keep your beloved MTs on the road!

Rotax 504 Engine Assembly - Reconditioned Service Exchange

Rotax 504 Engine Assembly - Reconditioned Exchange Service

Available on an exchange basis, we can supply you with a 500cc Kickstart Engine, which will be stripped, cleaned and re-powder coated, with any worn parts replaced.

Purchase cost of these engines requires part-exchanging your existing engine, and requires your old engine to be in a state in which it is able to be re-conditioned. 

In addition to this, for those who wish to keep their bike matched to its original engine, we can offer a reconditioning service to your specific engine. (This would be a 6-8 week turnaround time)

The nominal cost of this will be inline with the exchange engines, but this could vary depending on examination of your engine, if for example certain major items (engine, bore, little-end etc) require replacement.

Ohlins Suspension Units Service Exchange

Ohlins Suspension Units Exchange Service

We will also very soon be offering a service exchange for OHLINS suspension units!

Send your old suspension units to us and we will ship by return a pair that has been professionally stripped / refurbished, ready to work for another 35 years.

Price will be £380 plus VAT per pair exchange, or £455 plus VAT per pair outright purchase (no exchange).

Limited availability!

Stay tuned for more details...

We hope you find these updates interesting. If you are interested in either of these service exchange items, please get in touch with us by clicking this link.

Alternatively, you can browse all existing service exchange items by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

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