About Us

Force Motorcycles was established in 1991 with the purpose of supplying quality used Ex-MoD and Ex-Police Motorcycles. We purchased the very first Armstrong MT500 sold off by the MoD in 1989, which we still have in storage, awaiting restoration to its former glory.

During the early 90's we quickly became the UK's leading authority on the Ex-British Forces Armstrong MT500, and latterly Harley~Davidson MT350. We supplied these machines, to an enthusiastic Civilian customer base, whilst the Ministry were using and occasionally disposing of the bikes, and continue to offer spares and service assistance for these bikes throughout the UK and indeed, mail order spare parts for them throughout the World.

Armstrong MT500

Whilst these bikes were in Military service, we also supplied parts to the MoD and carried out contract servicing for the MT350s which were in service up to around 2008.

Initial spares stock for the MT500’s consisted of NOS parts purchased from the MoD, topped up with Rotax parts from the importer at the time.

By the late nineties, MT350’s were beginning to be disposed of so the process started again. By now we were contract repairing the bikes for the Midlands MoD depots, also supplying the MoD with parts which they did not have in their system.

In 2008 we purchased Harley Davidson’s residual stock of spare parts, two 40ft shipping containers stuffed full, which we shipped over Christmas of that year back here to the UK.

Importing Harley Davidson Stock, 2008.

In 2012 we became sole official Rotax dealers for the UK and most of Europe which has given us an unrivalled stock of engine spare parts for these machines. 

Since 2009, Force Motorcycles have been situated in Tatenhill, Burton-on-Trent in a premises larger than we previously occupied. This gives us much more scope for storing our ever-increasing spare parts stock, offering an increased range of customer services, and improved spare parts order processing.

Force Motorcycles Warehouse

We at Force Motorcycles are committed to customer satisfaction, that is we will endeavour wherever possible to please all the people, all the time!

Our recent major overhaul of the website, has vastly improved accessibility of our best-ever range of parts and accessories for the MT's, giving our customers access to our unrivalled stock inventory, which we have amassed over a period of 26 years. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our new website!

It has been a long road, but we are now in a position to continue to support these machines well into the future.