A Familiar Looking MT500!

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This caught our eye on eBay last week.

We noticed a seller offering a French publication of an article on the MT500, so we had to have it for our collection. 

What particularly drew our attention was the registration number of the bike in the photo.

This was a bike built by Force Motorcycles - the very same bike! It was the second one to be put on the road from the MoD.

Atlas MT500

The page appears to be taken from a French motorcycle book or magazine, published by Atlas Editions.


Having built and put on the road the first MT500 in 1989, we built a complete bike from spares, purchased from the BAOR in Germany.

This took place one piece at a time over several visits, while buying Bedford trucks from the MoD in Mönchengladbach for Nick's employer at the time.

C889 LOG was finally put in the road in 1990 and as it turned out, eventually sold to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

You can actually see this bike in some of the photos on our site, including the home page. Note the number plate!


We have never been sure whether it survived the fire of 2003, but it would be great to check it out someday, if it's still there of course.

If anyone does know if it's still there, please do let us know.

Anyway this is the actual bike, which was lovely to see!

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