A Closer Look at Force Exhausts

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There are some MT stainless exhaust components appearing for sale on online marketplaces at the moment, but have you considered purchasing these from us?

New stock of these has just arrived, and we are delighted with the welds and general construction!

Force Motorcycles Exhausts

Anyone who understands basic metal fabrication will recognise this quality.

Force Motorcycles Exhausts

Force Motorcycles Exhausts

Force Motorcycles Exhausts

They're now also available in two different noise emission levels!

If you do buy elsewhere, be aware that these these pipes are quite restrictive and the main securing brackets are literally only contact-welded on.

They will fracture and break off, and as well as this, there's no bottom bracket for the MT500 application.

While there may be a price saving, we have tested these components over the last couple of decades. Unfortunately, they will break.

This is not an attempt to justify the extra price of ours, just to differentiate ours from these advertised elsewhere.

Ours are craftsman-made in the West Midlands by specialists, and have been physically jigged off both MT350 & MT500 frame to ensure correct fit!

If you did want to learn more about our exhaust systems just give us a call or drop us a message

You can view the Exhaust Systems here:

MT350 UK / MT500 US

MT500 UK

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